Testimonials ( ** Results may vary between individuals ** )

  • Yao Xian Face

    I came to Lush Aesthetics seeking a solution for a very bad case of acne scars that I have carried since I was a teenager. I was initially considering laser treatment, however I was advised to undergo microneedle therapy instead as my condition was very severe.

    The scars are healing steadily and are no longer as obvious as before. The treatment has also helped to improve my overall skin condition, relieving my face of excess oil and dryness. My face is no longer red and flushed all the time and acne outbreaks have been greatly reduced. My friends and family have definitely noticed the improvement and have commented that my skin condition is much better than before.

    I would like to credit the staff at Lush Aesthetics for being very attentive to my needs. They have also given me valuable advice with regards to suitable skin care products as well as general skin care tips, which I'm sure has contributed to my improved condition too.

    Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my progress so far and I will continue the treatment. I look forward to the results! **

  • Hansel Eng Hair Growth

    I have suffered hair loss problem over 5 years, which the condition became worse in 2011~2012 where my scalp is very visible. I have been to other establishments for treatment using chinese herbal remedies but to no promising result.

    Now after 4 months at LUSH, I have seen the results myself. My hair did not fall off as easily as before, my hair are now thicker and stronger. All my friends who saw me commended on the improvement and some of my friends with hair loss problem asked about the solution. I am very satisfied with the result.**

  • Jaime Tay Body

    I did my Fat Freezing at LUSH aesthetics and gotten results of my liking. I saw my tummy decreased in size and became flatter weeks after the treatment. I will be getting my love handles done soon and looking forward to the results! **

  • Danny Teeth

    I am a heavy smoker and great lover for red wine. As a result, my teeth suffered with discolorations. I came across coincidentally on this online promotion for LED Teeth Whitening by LUSH aesthetics. I visited them the next and had no regrets. My set of teeth is now much whiter and shinier. **

  • Janelle Hair Removal

    Hair removal was a breeze at LUSH aesthetics. It was pretty painless and what's most important is that I hardly see the hair growing back after 3 sessions thus far. I'm looking forward to every session with LUSH and the eventual results! **